Wanna be a healthy bitch?

Hi I'm Rachel - I'm a complete and utter bitch!

You've probably landed on this page via 'The Bitch Network' and are potentially interested in fine tuning your 'inner bitch'.

To be a 'complete and utter bitch', you need to get healthy. The attributes of a healthy bitch are energy and confidence, and to achieve that, you need to:

1. Sleep like a bitch
2. Eat like a bitch
3. Be a fit bitch
4. And be a chilled bitch

If this sounds like something you want to find out more about, then let's have a chat, as I would love to help you be a 'complete and utter bitch' like me!

I offer:

- One to one health coaching
- Online programmes
- Talks and workshops
- Webinars

Email: rachel@wakeupwithzest.com
Call: 07880 557976
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