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What people say about Rachel

We found Rachel engaging and professional

Rachel recently provided us, at British Airways with a very good workshop on the 'Four Pillars' of well being, in which she founded. The session mainly focused on sleep, which gave the group some great ideas of how to improve there own. We found Rachel engaging and professional and the subject matter was bought home by her very own life experiences. Thank you Rachel.

Luciey Wesley, Tourist Board and Partnerships Manager, British Airways

Lucie Wesley

Out of all of the health and well being webinars that we have run, this was by far one of the best and fun!

I had the pleasure of working with Rachel on a health and well being Webinar focused on the 'Importance of Sleep'. This session was one of a monthly series that we have run this year as a campaign focused around healthy and happy employees.

From the get-go Rachel was an absolute delight to work with. Her knowledge on the subject matter well and truly exceeded my expectations. The format was very informal and her natural style and demeanour made it easy as a host to interact with her, which in turn led to a more engaged audience sending in a flurry of questions.

Out of all of the health and well being webinars that we have run, this was by far one of the best and fun!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel, she’s without a doubt a lovely lady. Or putting it another way, a truly zesty-superstar!

Gavin Spencer, Head of Membership at The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group

gavin spencer

We had no idea about the negative impacts (some quite serious) of the lack of sleep

Rachel kindly accepted my request to share all things sleep-related with my Abingdon & Witney College apprentices. The students were working on a wellbeing project as part of their 10-week business course and had identified the importance of sleep. I think we were all expecting Rachel to just explain how we could get a better nights sleep. Well she did that and so much more. We had no idea about the negative impacts (some quite serious) of the lack of sleep. This is serious stuff. All responsible employers should be queuing up to arrange for Rachel to visit!

Tracey Lee, Business Lecturer, Abingdon & Witney College, Oxfordshire

Tracey Barr

Everyone enjoyed your session

Everyone at our departmental away day really enjoyed your session and it was very much appreciated.
I also enjoyed the webinar

Dr Evie Kemp, Lead Consultant Occupational Health Physician, Centre for Occupational Health and Wellbeing, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford


I found Rachel very friendly and knowledgeable on the subject of sleep

I took part in Rachel's Sleep School this month, as I can have trouble sleeping. I found Rachel very friendly and knowledgeable on the subject of sleep and it's problems. She explained all about the science of sleep and how it affects the body, giving advice about how to improve sleep and what to do when sleep evades us. It was very helpful. Thanks Rachel.

Susan Crome

susan crome

I would recommend Rachel to deliver talks on health and well-being

Rachel delivered a short presentation at the college I was studying at on health and well-being but she mainly focused on the many advantages of getting proper sleep and why it is important for our health as this was suitable to the project work we were undertaking. I found Rachel to be captivating and friendly whilst the presentation was easy to watch and was delivered with confidence. I would recommend Rachel to deliver talks on health and well-being as she showed that she could adapt her presentation to appeal to a range of ages and personalities.

Chole Legg, Business Administration Apprentice, Witney & Abingdon College, Oxfordshire

chole legg

I would thoroughly recommend Rachel's services to other businesses looking to increase employee engagement

Rachel was engaged to develop and deliver a health and well-being programme to the team at Pensar. This comprised of a 1 hour talk at our monthly team meeting to make employees aware of issues around sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress. This was followed by personal consultations for each member of staff with vital statistics being recorded and personalised advice given with the aim of reaching certain goals within a 3 month period. The team responded really well to this initiative by the company, undoubtedly assisted by Rachel's positive mental attitude and the sound assurance that everyone has room for improvement if her advice is followed. I would thoroughly recommend her services to other businesses looking to increase employee engagement and help their staff get and stay healthy.

Mark Williams, CEO, Pensar


Mark Williams

I would be delighted to recommend Rachel to others

Rachel was our speaker at the Company Director Networking (CDN) at the Institute of Director's event in January 2018. What a great way to start off the year and get rid of all the January blues. Rachel gave a very professional talk about her favourite subject. As a fully qualified sleep aficionado she regaled us with medical facts as well as the many benefits of getting as much shut-eye as possible and gave many sensible top tips. She is a good speaker, very knowledgeable on her subject and fun. I would be delighted to recommend her to others who want to offer a slightly different but very important topic to their audience.

Mike Driver, Company Director's Networking, Institute of Directors



The feedback from our members has been excellent

We have had the benefit of listening to really knowledgeable and interesting presentations from Rachel at different meetings of The Business Club Northants.  The feedback from our members has been excellent and we have no hesitation in recommending her as an extremely professional speaker.

Mike Willis, the Business Club Northants

Mike Willis

I found out things I never knew before!

Rachel's talk on sleep was extremely informative and her knowledge on sleep is thorough. I found out  things I never knew before and she explained how to handle those sleepless nights easily.  If you're having trouble sleeping and need some guidance, I recommend Rachel highly!

Hanieh Vidmar, Presenter, Creator and  Vlogger, London

Hanieh Vidmar

You gave an insight into the science of sleep and the sleep cycle

It was great to listen to your presentation on Beauty Sleep on Saturday.    I loved the way in which you engaged with the audience and brought life to this essential, yet I would say, overlooked, topic.  You not only emphasised the importance of getting a good night's sleep, but you gave an insight into the science of sleep and the sleep cycle which helped me understand the negative impact on the body due to lack of sleep, particularly the brain's inability to function effectively due to lack of sleep.     Thanks to you I am now more intentional about ensuring I sleep well and take greater care of my physical health.

Maureen Campbell, Bristol

Maureen Campbell

Sleep and how to get more of it!

A totally informative talk on a great subject - 'sleep' and how to get more of it! Rachel gives an amazing insight into how sleep can impact our lives. Just knowing that your body works like a computer and you need to 'update' by going into maintenance mode is priceless. Research your body's internal clock and learn how to adjust your sleep cycle! Rachel is definitely a 'go to' sleep guru.

Kerry Rose, Police Officer, Essex

Kerry rose

A good nights sleep is often an over looked area

The depth of Rachel's workshop and passion of delivery created an engaging experience in the room. A good nights sleep is often an over looked area in ones health and wellbeing plan. Rachel essentially shifted my perspective of what a truly holistic health and wellbeing plan should include.

Philippa, founder of The Triumphant Woman, London


I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop on sleep

The explanation of the 90 minutes sleeping cycle was very insightful. Also the sleep-wake-nap cycle was very beneficial.

Donna Jones, London

Donna Jones

I found the sleep workshop very informative, practical and a real eye opener!

Everyone should get this info!!  I now realise that most people have sleep problems.

Muriel Angele Kakoni, The Purple Group, London

Muriel Angele Kakoni

Her story hit the spot

It's wonderful to see Rachel's ability to translate her "zesty" energising personality that serves her so well as a coach, into the domain of speaking and inspiring much larger audiences. Her story was engaging, informative and importantly really hit the spot.

Ian Webster, Business Thinking Revolution

Ian Webster

I slept for a straight 8 hours when I got home

It was a fantastic session Rachel – thank you so much for sharing your warm wonderful wisdom. Anyway slept for a straight 8 hours when I got home – you are GOOD!

Sandra Peachey, Consultant, Leicestershire

Sandra Peachey

Rachel, who walks the walk not just talks the talk

I have had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Rachel speak a few times now. What is obvious is her passion and knowledge about her subject. What separates an excellent speaker from an average one is their ability to tell a story.  Rachel, who walks the walks not just talks the talks, tells hers with such heart and empathy you become drawn in and invested in everything she has to say.  I am never disappointed when I know Rachel is on the bill.

Angela Harkness, High Heelers


Rachel is a walking advert for wellness

Rachel is a walking advert for wellness. She really walks the talk. If you are a busy professional struggling to get balance in your life (signs are weight gain; tiredness) contact her. She's been there herself... Not that you can tell. You'll be more energised, successful and cope better than before. (Contact her... ;0)

Steve Johnson, Consultant, Berkshire


What people say about Nigel

Nigel's advice about how to cope with stress has helped me to feel calmer and more in control of my emotions. His 'nudges' have definitely made me stay on track! I feel I now have the confidence to continue!


I asked Nigel to help me with my high blood pressure - I cannot speak more highly. He calmly and clearly outlined the role of stress in my condition and then gave me techniques and a sequence of meditations to help me. I quickly became capable of focusing my attention and my stress levels fell, my blood pressure now is at an acceptable level. Result! Thanks Nigel!


Nigel's course was the start of my new way of thinking. I think I'm more patient and aware of other people's personal life as an indication of how they behave. It was the self evaluation that led to me changing my career. Nigel's advice has made me a calmer, more content person. Thank you Nigel!