Get your organisation more sleep savvy

Is your workforce performing a bit below par?

Sleep is hot news at the moment, sleep deprivation is costing the UK economy nearly £1bn per week!

Why is this?

About one third of adults are sleeping six hours or less per night, way below the recommended seven to nine hours.

The impact of sleep deprivation on your workforce affects motivation, morale and sick days lost.  Fatigued employees are less productive and are at a greater risk of occupational injuries.

Restorative sleep is crucial for the maintenance of the immune system, helping mental and emotional wellbeing, boosting productivity, helping with memory retention and better decision making.

The long term effects of sleep deprivation can lead to an increased risk of serious health problems such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia

For the past few decades, sleeping less than six hours a night has seen to be a badge of honour, with phrases like ‘pulling all-nighters’, ‘burning the midnight oil’ or ‘sleep is for wimps’.  Thankfully this perception of sleep being an inconvenience is beginning to shift, as some of the world’s top CEOs embrace sleep as being vital to our physical, mental and emotional health.

How can you make your workforce sleep savvy?

I’m Rachel McGuinness from Wake Up With Zest, otherwise known as ‘the go to sleep expert’.  I would love to show your people how to get a brilliant night’s sleep so that they wake up refreshed and raring to go in the morning, helping them become more productive and improving your bottom line.

There are various ways I can send your people to sleep:

  • A series of 30 minute ‘lunch and learn’ sessions.
  • Workshops – 90 mins, 3 hours or 6 hours (full day).
  • One to one drop in sessions for those who are really struggling.

What I cover in talks and workshops:

  • Why we need to sleep.
  • How sleep works.
  • Why modern living is disrupting our sleep.
  • Practical advice on how to improve sleep - pre-sleep, post-sleep and during the day; whether your employees are office based, on the road, in the air, or working shifts.
  • How lifestyle can affect your sleep.

Once people understand how sleep works, it makes it easier to improve it

If you would like to chat about your requirements or book me:


Or contact:  Rachel McGuinness |+ 44 (0) 7880 557976 |


About Rachel

Rachel McGuinness has been helping busy people get healthy since 2004; prior to that she was a marketing and events executive in the telecoms industry.

In the year 2000 Rachel was a mess - she was sleep deprived, overweight, unfit, and burnt out; however, a business trip to Barcelona was the catalyst that changed her mind set around her self-destructive lifestyle and inspired her to get healthy.

Four years later she started her wellness business.  Rachel is a trained stress management consultant, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist for insomnia, NLP Master Practitioner, nutritional advisor and personal trainer.


What people say...

I would be delighted to recommend her to others


Rachel was our speaker at the Company Director Networking (CDN) at the Institute of Director's event in January 2018. What a great way to start off the year and get rid of all the January blues.. Rachel gave a very professional talk about her favourite subject. As a fully qualified sleep aficionado she regaled us with medical facts as well as the many benefits of getting as much shut-eye as possible and gave many sensible top tips. She is a good speaker, very knowledgeable on her subject and fun. I would be delighted to recommend her to others who want to offer a slightly different but very important topic to their audience.



The feedback from our members has been excellent

We have had the benefit of listening to really knowledgeable and interesting presentations from Rachel at different meetings of The Business Club Northants.  The feedback from our members has been excellent and we have no hesitation in recommending her as an extremely professional speaker.

Mike Willis, the Business Club Northants


I found out things I never knew before!

Rachel's talk on sleep was extremely informative and her knowledge on sleep is thorough. I found out  things I never knew before and she explained how to handle those sleepless nights easily.  If you're having trouble sleeping and need some guidance, I recommend Rachel highly!

Hanieh Vidmar, The Mummy Vlogger, London


You gave an insight into the science of sleep and the sleep cycle

It was great to listen to your presentation on Beauty Sleep on Saturday.    I loved the way in which you engaged with the audience and brought life to this essential, yet I would say, overlooked, topic.  You not only emphasised the importance of getting a good night's sleep, but you gave an insight into the science of sleep and the sleep cycle which helped me understand the negative impact on the body due to lack of sleep, particularly the brain's inability to function effectively due to lack of sleep.     Thanks to you I am now more intentional about ensuring I sleep well and take greater care of my physical health.

Maureen Campbell, Bristol

Sleep and how to get more of it!

A totally informative talk on a great subject - 'sleep' and how to get more of it! Rachel gives an amazing insight into how sleep can impact our lives. Just knowing that your body works like a computer and you need to 'update' by going into maintenance mode is priceless. Research your body's internal clock and learn how to adjust your sleep cycle! Rachel is definitely a 'go to' sleep guru.

Kerry Rose, Police Officer, Essex



A good nights sleep is often an over looked area

The depth of Rachel's workshop and passion of delivery created an engaging experience in the room. A good nights sleep is often an over looked area in ones health and wellbeing plan. Rachel essentially shifted my perspective of what a truly holistic health and wellbeing plan should include.

Philippa, founder of The Triumphant Woman, London



I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop on sleep

The explanation of the 90 minutes sleeping cycle was very insightful. Also the sleep-wake-nap cycle was very beneficial.

Donna Jones, London




I found the sleep workshop very informative, practical and a real eye opener!

Everyone should get this info!!  I now realise that most people have sleep problems.

Muriel Angele Kakoni, The Purple Group, London





Her story hit the spot

It's wonderful to see Rachel's ability to translate her "zesty" energising personality that serves her so well as a coach, into the domain of speaking and inspiring much larger audiences. Her story was engaging, informative and importantly really hit the spot.

Ian Webster, Business Thinking Revolution




I slept for a straight 8 hours when I got home

It was a fantastic session Rachel – thank you so much for sharing your warm wonderful wisdom. Anyway slept for a straight 8 hours when I got home – you are GOOD!

Sandra Peachey, Consultant, Leicestershire




Rachel, who walks the walk not just talks the talk

I have had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Rachel speak a few times now. What is obvious is her passion and knowledge about her subject. What separates an excellent speaker from an average one is their ability to tell a story.  Rachel, who walks the walks not just talks the talks, tells hers with such heart and empathy you become drawn in and invested in everything she has to say.  I am never disappointed when I know Rachel is on the bill.

Angela Harkness, High Heelers

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