Help Your Children Sleep Better Programme

This brand new course delivered by Nigel Lowson, an associate of Wake Up With Zest.

Living with a child who has difficulty sleeping is not easy. I know. Often the effects can be felt by the whole family throughout the day.

This course is aimed at you, the parents. To help you understand the basics of sleep better perhaps and to give you some practical, easy and quick techniques. These can be easily adapted to suit your situation and your child. The exercises are designed for, and successfully tested on, the 5 -11 age group but can be readily adapted for older children.

Of course, the best way to bring these techniques successfully into the daily routine of an older child is by discussion with them, rather than imposition. When I have worked with individual teenagers on sleep issues I always start by asking them if they are entirely happy with this aspect of their life. Then we can engage and start with the intention to improve things by explaining to them how sleep works and to reassure them that they can do something about it to bring themselves closer to where they wish to be with regard to their sleep.  We then discuss a range of techniques for them to use or not. And we look at ways they can design their own exercises to suit their interests. So far, all have taken up the challenge and been successful.

This course will help your children get to sleep earlier and enjoy a deeper, less disturbed sleep. Your whole family will benefit!

A good night’s sleep is easier when we are relaxed physically, mentally and emotionally. The key here is to develop a daily practice of relaxation and mindfulness which fits with your child’s lifestyle as well as looking carefully at the bedroom and the bedtime routine.



In addition to aiding sleep I expect this course to also bring a stronger sense of calmness, better health, greater acceptance and enhanced creativity to your child.

Course outline:

  1. sleep basics to help you understand what it is, why we sleep, its stages, and what disturbs it
  2. what you can do to improve your child’s sleep including a range of easy, quick ways to relax, to calm your body and settle your mind during the day
  • a chance to learn basic relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • looking at helpful morning and evening routines
  • advising on the ideal sleep environment
  • a range of in-bed exercises to relax first the body and then the mind - including physical exercises, mindful breathing exercises, and guided visualisations

And all in easily accessible language.


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