Help Your Children Sleep Better Programme

Does this describe a child in your house?

  • Are your children struggling to get the most out of each day?
  • Are they sleepy during the day?
  • Do they struggle to concentrate?
  • Do they struggle to fall sleep in under 15 minutes?
  • Do they wake up and struggle to get back to sleep?
  • Do they wake up tired?


Imagine if a good night’s sleep was the norm...

  • How would that impact on family life?
  • On their happiness?
  • On yours?

This course is aimed at you, the parents

To help you understand better the basics of sleep and to give you some practical, easy and quick techniques. These can be easily adapted to suit your situation and your child. The exercises are designed for, and successfully tested on, the 5 -12 age group but can be readily adapted for older children.

If you would like to be sent two FREE guided visualisations to help your children to sleep better please email and he will send them to you.

This three-hour course will help your children get to sleep earlier and enjoy a deeper, less disturbed sleep. Your whole family will benefit!

A good night’s sleep is easier when we are relaxed physically, mentally and emotionally. The key here is to develop a daily practice of relaxation and mindfulness which fits with your child’s lifestyle as well as looking carefully at the bedroom and the bedtime routine.

In addition to aiding sleep we expect this course to also bring a stronger sense of calmness, better health, greater acceptance and enhanced creativity to your child.

A broad outline of what we cover

  1. sleep basics to help you understand what it is, why we sleep, its stages, and what disturbs it
  2. what you can do to improve your child’s sleep including a range of easy, quick ways to relax, to calm the body and settle the mind during the day
  • learn basic relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • look at helpful morning and evening routines
  • advise on the ideal sleep environment
  • offer a range of in-bed exercises to relax first the body and then the mind - including  physical exercises, mindful breathing exercises, and guided visualisations.

Module 1: Introduction to sleep
Module 2: The causes of sleep problems and how to tackle them successfully: Part 1
Module 3: The causes of sleep problems and how to tackle them successfully: Part 2
Module 4: Practical daytime techniques to encourage sleep
Module 5: Practical suggestions for a helpful routine before bedtime and once in bed
Module 6: Guided visualisations and relaxation visualisations
Module 7: How to create great guided visualisations for your child

This course will not only give you several recorded guided visualisations it will also teach you, the parents, how to design successful guided visualisations for your children!

And all in easily accessible language

How we work

We offer a free 15-minute, no obligation consultation because your child is precious and we want you to be sure that we can help before you commit to anything.  Email to book your consultation.

We will then contact you within 48 hours of receiving the email to arrange a time for the free 15-minute telephone or Skype consultation. During this consultation we will review your child’s sleep history and what steps you have tried thus far. The aim is to devise a plan to help your child sleep better based upon one of the four courses we offer.

The courses

All four of the courses we offer ask for a sleep diary to be kept for two weeks which will offer invaluable evidence. The courses offered differ in the amount of on-going support we provide. They are:

The online course

Three hour online audio package.

The course plus follow up support level 1

As above PLUS two one-hour telephone or Skype sessions will be arranged. One with Rachel to look at the sleep diary, diet, sleep hygiene, routines and answer any questions. One with Nigel to examine relaxation and visualisation techniques and answer any questions.

The course plus follow up support level 2

As above PLUS  four one-hour telephone or Skype sessions will be arranged over four weeks with Nigel. And six personalised guided visualisations will be created by Nigel for your child.




The bespoke service

Rachel and/or Nigel will visit your home to assess the best way forward. It will probably involve training and supporting the children and those adults who care for them both face-to-face and online. If you wish to discuss this option further please mention this on the pre-consultation form. The cost of this option will vary with the amount of support and visits arranged.



Is the course guaranteed?

No because of the complexity of the issues involved and the variable commitment levels seen. But you will see improvements if you follow the strategies given.

What approach do you use?

You and your family will be treated with gentleness, respect, courtesy and with care at all times.

What if I have more than one child, do I pay double?


What makes you different from everyone else?

We cover all the “normal” areas of sleep advice but the real secret to the success of this course is its unique focus on two key aspects of sleeping well so often neglected.

These are:

  1. To acknowledge that we need to reduce our child’s stress levels. This course gives you and them effective tools they can use to help themselves relax.
  2. To use the huge power guided visualisations have in helping our children to sleep. And sleep well.

Are there any extras included?

Yes. We will send you two bonuses:

  1. An ebook written by meditation expert Nigel entitled: “What is meditation? 52 questions and answers”.
  2. A presentation on sleep from our sleep expert Rachel.

If you wish to book a free 15-minute sleep consultation, please email


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